White Black-Collared

©Hein van Grouw

White Black-collared is an autosomal recessive mutation and is allelic with Ivory. This mutation is common in Europe but unknown in the US. White Black-collared resembles Ivory on a blond background but it concerns a separate mutation with some remarkable differences.

The plumage of the wing shield, back and dorsal tail coverts appears to have a dilution effect similar to White but the White Black-collared is a bit more cream than White. The primaries, secondaries and primary coverts have more color than in White. They are light brownish with no tiny stippling effect of dilute pigment in the middle of the feathers. The plumage of the head & breast is (almost) white. The color of the neck ring is slightly diluted & darker than in Ivory but not black. The tail band or pigmented area of the main tail feathers is also heavily pigmented & similar to Blond. With regard to the eye-color, this is the same as Ivory.

This description applies to White Black-collared on a dark or a blond background. No considerable differences in both colors is observed by me. White Black-collared combined with Rosy yields a color similar to White.

© Rupert Stephenson -Coventry, England

©Rupert Stephenson -Coventry, England

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