Ta//+  and Ta//Ta

ŠJohn Fowler

Heterozygous Tangerine - Ta//+

ŠJohn Fowler

Homozygous Tangerine - Ta//Ta

The two photos above are representative of the single mutant Tangerine without the influence of rosy.  The body of both the heterozygous (Ta//+) and homozygous (Ta//Ta) tangerine is an intense rusty red color; slightly darker than in each of the photos.  The head, neck and breast lacks the amethyst coloration or it is much reduced.  The flight feathers and neck ring of  the heterozygous (Ta//+) are grey whereas the flight feathers and neck ring of the homozygous (Ta//Ta) are white. More Tangerine Ringneck picture/information.

TANGERINE - by John Fowler who did excellent genetic research on this mutant.

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