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ŠJohn Pire

This bird has an extremely pale, very diluted, slightly reddish brown overcast to the body & head (some say a pinkish color?). The neck ring and flights are white. It has no tail bar. The beak is bone (light) color. The eye color is similar to Tangerine (having reddish brown iris). This hatchlings had dark colored eye balls under the skin, making me think is was a BEW at hatching. Some breeders have said the eyes are red or ruby colored under the skin. In juvenile plumage one can distinguish an overcast on the body - quite similar to the juvenile plumage of a BEW.

ŠJohn Pire
The bird in my three pictures was produced from a Wild Type male (carries white) & a Tangerine hen. This bird is a female. To test to ensure it is a Pink, you can pair it with a Wild Type (opposite sex) & if any Tangerine young are produced it is a Pink.

ŠJohn Pire

ŠJohn Fowler

Obtaining "Pink" is not as simple as breeding Tangerine to White. Tangerine is "dark" at the sex-linked locus, so when breeding pure Tangerine to White the dark (Wild Type) will be dominant & the offspring will be Wild Type & Tangerine. All males from this pairing will carry the "white" gene hidden. If you breed the Tangerine male which carries white hidden to a White hen, 25% of the young will be "Pink".

Combination Colors