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©John Fowler                                                                       © Lisa May

This bird has a creamy orange colored body, wing, tail and head. No violet on head, neck or chest. The flights are nearly white, there is a visible dilution along the sides of the feather shafts. The neck ring is charcoal not black. The eye (iris) color is orange red. Hatchlings typically have red or ruby colored eye balls under the skin. Bill is light colored. Peach is the "dilute" of Rosy.

Below Picture is of the Peach as found in France

©Fanch Gourvès - France

©Lisa May

©John Pire

The three pictures below show the coloration differences between the Peach & Orange mutations -
top picture is in juvenile plumage, middle picture is in adult plumage and bottom picture shows the undertail bar coloration differences.

©John Pire
Peach juvenile left & Orange juvenile right

©John Pire
Orange (L) & Peach (R) - Note the dark neck ring, dark undertail bar & diluted body coloration in the Peach

©John Pire
Orange (L) & Peach (R): note the undertail bar coloration differences.
Best determining facet when trying to decide if the bird is Orange or Peach.

Combination Colors