Mimic Snow White

By John Fowler 

The Mimic Snow White is absolutely white with no undertail bar nor visible neck ring except for the differing feather structure in the neck ring area.
These birds are absolutely snow white in color even though they do not carry white at the sex-linked locus. Legs & feet red. Bill horn colored. Eyes - dark or similar to Snow White.

John Fowler

John Fowler

I have produced Mimic Snow White with the below listed proven genotypes

dBdB  iviv  ryry  Fr+  Ta+ dB  iviv  pipi  Fr+
dB  iviv  ryry  Fr+ D+dB  pipi  ryry  F+

Mimic Snow White birds can be produced from non-white parents (carrying no white) if frosty is present
with the right combination of homozygous recessives. 

Combination Colors