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ŠJohn Pire

This bird has a white body, head, wing and tail. This bird is actually an "all white" pied bird. The eye color is black(?) Upon looking at the iris coloration it first appears to be dark (black), but if looked at in bright sunlight light there is a "bluish/grey or bluish/green" inner iris ring, very dark red/brown outer iris ring & dark pupil). There is no neck ring. The beak should is light colored (BEW typically have a light colored bill - similar to White)
The undertail bar should be all white or may have the outer two or three tail feathers on each side which may have a very diluted tan or tea colored basal half coloration (mostly found in hens).
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Hatchling BEW are pink skinned (does not have the typical light to dark rump spots) & have typically red or ruby colored eye balls under the skin. Within about 3 weeks of hatching the eye balls begin to obtain the typical darkish red coloration (see eye pictures below) having the 'bluish" inner ring. The pupil at this time is a dark red/ruby color. The juvenile feathering many times looks to have a dirty "overcast"; this disappears when the juvenile attains adult plumage. This overcast coloration can be light tan or light greyish.

ŠJohn Pire

ŠJohn Pire
Iris Coloration - Male on left & Female on right

Combination Colors