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The off color seen on this bird is due to the bird being in a large outdoor flight & flights & tail are dirty.

This bird has an immaculate white body, tail and head coloration. The eye color (iris) is bright "pink" with a red pupil. Hatchlings typically have red or ruby colored eyes under the skin. Has no neck ring. Has no undertail bar. Bill is pink, legs and feet are pink. Hatchling hair is very sparse.
This is a true "albino". Read John Fowler's article on "Albino".
Note: many fanciers confuse the White with being an "albino" when they see a hatchling or when it is still a juvenile. Compare this eye picture with the eye picture on the White page. 
Another good comparison is to go to your local pet store & see the "albino rabbit or albino mouse". The iris coloration is the same "pink" coloration & you will never mistake the two colors again.

ŠJohn Pire
Adult Albino - same bird as pictured below as a month old chick - adult eye picture taken 8-9-2007

ŠJohn Pire
Month Old Albino Chick

The "albino gene" masks all other colors. An Albino that is not masking any other color genes is called a "single mutant albino". There can be Ivory Albino, Frosty Albino, Rosy Albino, Blond Albino, White Albino, Tangerine Albino, etc. These types of "albino" are obtained from parent birds with both having the "albino gene" hidden & the resulting young is Albino but masks the colors received from the parents. Test breeding is the only way to determine these types of Albino. John Fowler's article helps with understanding the working of the "albino gene". 
ŠJohn Fowler

Single Mutants