Diamond Dove Genotype Chart

Name/Trait:  Bl sl cn br yw pi Wr Genotype:              Phenotype:                                                      Genes:  
Blue x             Bl//       Blue     Bl = Blue (Wild color)  
Blue Whiterump x           x Bl// Wr//     Blue Whiterump   sl = Silver  
Blue Whitetail x           x Bl// Wr//Wr     Blue Whitetail Lace? cn = Cinnamon  
Brilliant       x         br//br     Brilliant     br = Brilliant  
Brilliant Whiterump       x     x   br//br Wr//   Brilliant Whiterump   yw = Yellow  
Brilliant Whitetail       x     x   br//br Wr//Wr   Brilliant Whitetail Lace? Wr = White Rump/Tail (see note below)  
Cinnamon     x           cn//cn     Cinnamon     pi = Pied  
Cinnamon Whiterump     x       x   cn//cn Wr//   Cinnamon Whiterump          
Cinnamon Whitetail     x       x   cn//cn Wr//Wr   Cinnamon Whitetail Lace? Gene symbols that are capitalized are Dominant, with lowercase being recessive.
Ocher     x   x       cn//cn yw//yw   Cinnamon Yellow  
Peach   x     x       sl//sl yw//yw   Silver Yellow   Notes:
Pied           x     pi//pi     Pied (any color)   WhiteRump/Tail: These are produced with the same gene. WhiteRump is the heterozygous expression, and homozygous expression of the gene usually results in Whitetail, although it may still produce only WhiteRump. Homozygous can also produce the 'lace' effect where the 'diamonds' are spread out, producing the lace appearance.
Red     x           cn//cn     Cinnamon (selective)  
Silver   x             sl//sl     Silver    
Silver Whiterump   x         x   sl//sl Wr//   Silver Whiterump  
Silver Whitetail   x         x   sl//sl Wr//Wr   Silver Whitetail Lace?
Snow White   x     x   x   sl//sl yw//yw Wr//Wr Silver Yellow Whitetail
Ultimate Red     x           cn//cn     Cinnamon (selective)   Cinnamon:  This gene produces Cinnamon, Red, and Ultimate Red.  Selective breeding is required to refine the trait into its various shades.
Yellow         x       yw//yw     Yellow    
Yellow Whiterump         x   x   yw//yw Wr//   Yellow Whiterump  
Yellow Whitetail         x   x   yw//yw Wr//Wr   Yellow Whitetail Lace? Pied:  This gene can occur in combination with any other trait, and is quite variable.  Selective breeding can enhance its expression (i.e. how much white is present).
The purpose of this chart is to offer a few different options to those wanting to know the genetic makeup of the different Diamond Dove colors and traits. The left grid is simply a representation of which genes are involved with each color or trait, the center (Genotype) grid represents the written genotype and the right (Phenotype) grid represents what may be thought of as a spoken phenotype (for example, Ocher is actually Cinnamon Yellow) . Thank you to Jeff Downing and John Pire for their input and suggestions, and Greg Sweet for his help with data input and editing.
Snow White:  While this color is visually appealing, the birds themselves are not as hardy, and have a very low mating drive, thus making them difficult to perpetuate.
**  assume Blue is present but hidden by other gene(s)  
As of yet, there are no known sex linked gene mutations of Diamond Doves