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This "diamondless pattern" first described in 2001 was found in my flock of Dimorphic Cinnamon (now considered Cinnamon), Blue & Pied Diamond Doves. Three "Diamondless" birds were discovered - two were of the Cinnamon coloration & the third bird was Pied. Even in juvenile plumage they never showed any "diamond spots" on their wing shields. The parents of all three birds were known by the hatching & band records; all three had the same parents. The pictures below represent two of the birds in adult plumage in July 2002 at over one year of age.

I coined the term "Diamondless" because of the absence of the typical "diamond spots" seen on the wing shields of this species.

The above bird is a male & the below bird is a female

I set up a breeding program with the three birds; leaving the parents together to possibly produce more similar looking young. In five plus years of breeding these "diamondless" birds to each other & non related mates no "diamondless pattern" young were ever produced. All the young were Cinnamon in coloration. By 2007 all birds visual to this possibly new pattern & all related young have died. The parents were broken up by accident & no more "Diamondless Pattern" young have been produced in the flock. It maybe this was just a "sport" occurrence & will never reproduce. I have heard of several fanciers that also have Diamonds with no diamond spots on them, have seen a couple of pictures from Kay Smith (Kay is compiling her pictures & information on her "diamondless pattern" DD & will share them with IDS). It is hoped that as more information & birds with this pattern are produced and studied that these fanciers will share their information when this pattern is proven & can be reproduced.

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