Typical Diamond Dove Nest Containers

The containers used by the Diamond Dove can be as varied as there are fanciers. The one thing to remember is to firmly attach each container and keep them as level as possible. The pictures below show the typical nests I utilize for my DD. there are also two pictures showing how I strengthen the wicker Canary nests with new wire hangers.


Plastic Canary nest, plastic feed/water cup & wicker Canary nest & a  wire hanger to replace the hanger on the wicker canary nest.


The "hanger" is woven thru the wicker. The hanger is hot glued to the bottom of the wicker nest to prevent it from moving once it is hung in the aviary for use. The ends are then bent into hooks so the nest can be hung on the wire of the flight or cage. This new hanger keeps the wicker nest level while the DD are nesting & raising their young.