Blue - male displaying

This is the original type/color bird, found in all parts of Australia. Females tend to have a more brownish overcast across the back & wing shields. There is a fleshy orange/red cere surrounding the eye. The adult female's eye cere is most times smaller & duller then in adult males.
Listen to a male chasing/courting the hen & a male cooing from a perch - go to the COLOR TABLE for these links.

Male          ŠJohn Pire          Female

Courtesy G. Landry
Male on left, female on right. Note the brownish overcast on the hen as compared to the male. Males typically do not have the brownish overcast on the head & neck area.

Courtesy G. Landry
Male in back, female in front. 

Two importations of this species occurred directly from Australia into the US, both in the 1950's. All further importations of Diamond Doves into the US came from either Europe directly or thru Canada. Currently bred in about 17 different color mutations. Check out for more on the known mutations.

Commonly called the "World's Smallest Pigeon" when discussing the difference between doves and pigeons. 

ŠJohn Pire
Open Wing

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