Yellow-legged Pigeon
Columba pallidiceps


This species has undergone a considerable decline in numbers over the last century. It has been classified as Endangered, following a revision of its population numbers, on the basis of a very small (rather than extremely small) estimated population, fragmented across several islands and inferred to be in decline. There are too few data to enable accurate assessments of population or trends, and further research may lead to its threat status being revised.


Range Map for Yellow-legged Pigeon


It may be particularly susceptible to predation by introduced mammals. Although too rare to be targeted specifically by hunters, it featured within bags of mixed large pigeons hunted at Hauta2,6. All the islands within its range have suffered logging, particularly some of the small islands, e.g. Duke of York, which now have little or no forest.


A brief project to investigate the range and ecology of this species and the impact of hunting was undertaken at Hauta, Makira. The Hauta area is subject to an ongoing community conservation and development programme6.


*Conduct survey work to discover other populations, especially in areas already under discussion for protected status. *Discuss its status and population trends with hunters. *Monitor numbers seen and killed in Hauta. *Lobby for tighter controls of commercial logging. *Advocate creation of wildlife protection areas on major islands. *Assess effects of community conservation programmes at Hauta. *Extend public awareness programmes to coastal communities on Makira.

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