White-winged Collared-dove
Streptopelia reichenowi

Range and population

Streptopelia reichenowi is restricted to the vicinity of the Jubba and Shabeelle rivers, which flow from Ethiopia into Somalia , as well as the Daua river (a tributary of the Jubba) along the border between north-east Kenya and Ethiopia . In Somalia , the species is found in riparian woodland, usually near water, and has also been seen in towns4. In Ethiopia , it has colonised windbreaks planted next to irrigation channels2 and is also found in drier vegetation a few kilometres from rivers5, where it replaces other Streptopelia species2. S. reichenowi forages mainly on the ground, berries being an important food item. It appears to be locally common throughout its range, although riverine woodland in Ethiopia is being destroyed owing to conversion to agriculture and to fuelwood collection3, and is considered highly threatened in Somalia for the same reasons1,4. These widespread threats to the species's natural habitat cause some concern for its future, but its ability to colonise secondary habitats (near water) may be sufficient to ensure its survival

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