White-naped Pigeon
Columba albinucha


Range and population

Columba albinucha occurs in dense mid-altitude forests and forested slopes in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, where it is reported to be locally common, Bangangai Game Reserve in south Sudan, on the border with the DRC4, Bwamba and Kibale in west Uganda (few records), and Cameroon, where until recently it was known from only one locality in the Rumpi Hills (three records in 1967)5. However, since 1992 there have been several sightings from Mt Kupe and the Bakossi Mountains at 1,000-1,450 m often in small coffee farms in farmbush with primary transitional forest nearby1,6 and, in 1999, it was recorded from Santchou Sanctuary south of Dschang3, Mt Manenguba (on the lower slopes3 and at 2,100 m2) and there is one unconfirmed record from nearby Mt Nlonako2. The species is generally considered scarce throughout its restricted and fragmented range and is, therefore, at risk from habitat loss.

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