Whistling Dove
Ptilinopus layardi

Range and population
Ptilinopus layardi is endemic to the islands of Kadavu and neighbouring Ono in south-west Fiji . It is generally found in well-forested areas in the lowlands; on Ono it is restricted to forest remnants1, and is sometimes found in gardens4. Although forest on Kadavu was heavily logged in the late 1960s and early 1970s and habitat degradation continues, some 75% of the island remains forested and the species is not considered to be affected by logging˜in fact disturbed forest may be more suitable for it5 being invaded by fast growing small trees with plenty of small soft fruits3. However, in a recent two-day survey, only three birds were seen in nine hours near Vunisea suggesting a relatively low population density (possibly <10,000) even though it is very unobtrusive and likely to be over-looked2. It could be undergoing a continuing decline owing to continuing forest clearance for agriculture and conversion to pine forest.

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