Western Crowned Pigeon
Goura cristata

This spectacular pigeon is classified as Vulnerable on the basis of a small estimated population, which is inferred to be rapidly declining, through habitat loss and hunting. However, the total population size, the effect and extent of habitat degradation and the impact of hunting and trade are all poorly known, and further research may lead to reclassification.


Range Map for Western Crowned-pigeon

It is heavily hunted for food and its plumes (although less than the two other Goura species because gun ownership is lower in Indonesia than Papua New Guinea )1 and is also subject to levels of trade, being a highly prized aviary bird11. Extensive logging concessions have been granted within its range and habitat has already been lost to substantial transmigration schemes6. Logging roads and oil and mineral exploration also increase access to hunters4.

CITES Appendix II. The species is afforded some protection in Indonesia from commercial trade and domestic use14. There are single protected areas on all the West Papuan Islands of occurrence and three very large proposed nature reserves within its mainland Papuan range, but most are in the mountains17. There is a captive-breeding programme in some zoos11.

*Conduct extensive surveys to clarify its current distribution and population status. *Ascertain tolerance of logged forest. *Monitor populations in well-studied protected areas. *Investigate hunting, and devise and implement appropriate controls. *Investigate international and domestic trade, and devise and implement appropriate controls. *Support formal designation of the proposed nature reserves on mainland Papua. *Enforce protection in these protected areas.

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