Vanuatu Imperial Pigeon
Ducula bakeri

This species is classified as Vulnerable on the basis of an estimated small population which is inferred to be declining through habitat loss and, to a lesser extent, hunting.


Range Map for Vanuatu Imperial-pigeon

Lowland forest is being extensively degraded by logging and for cattle-ranching, and a significant area of mid-montane forest has been cleared for cultivation, including kava Piper methysticum, for domestic and export markets4. As one of the largest edible birds on Vanuatu , it is a favoured hunting target for hill villagers1. However, its montane haunts and wary nature serve to lessen the impact of this threat.

It is protected by law and may be hunted only between 1 April and 30 June.

*Survey other islands within its range. *Survey Santo to ascertain its distribution and abundance. *Determine habitat and altitudinal requirements. *Determine tolerance of logged forest. *Assess hunting levels and population trends based on discussions with local hunters. *Advocate creation of forest reserves on each major island. *Investigate hunting control measures through community discussion and awareness programmes.

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