Tuxtla Quail-dove
Geotrygon carrikeri


This species is Endangered owing to its very small range, which is now largely fragmented in three areas on two volcanoes, and has declined rapidly in response to extensive deforestation.


Range Map for Tuxtla Quail-dove


On VolcSan Mart84% of the original forest area was lost by 1986, with 56% lost between 1967 and 19862. In 1992, it was predicted that only 8.7% of original habitat, restricted to the most inaccessible tracts and protected areas, would remain by 20002. At that time, it appeared that similar habitat loss was taking place on VolcSanta Marta2. It is unknown whether this prediction has been fulfilled, but it is clear that there has been extensive forest clearance in the Sierra de los Tuxtlas and little evidence that existing pressures are abating.


It occurs in two protected areas: Santa Marta Biosphere Reserve and Los Tuxtlas Biological Station.


*Expand existing protected areas, or designate new reserves, to cover more of the remaining forests in the sierra. *Survey Santa Marta Biosphere Reserve to determine the species's status within this protected area.

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