Somali Pigeon
Columba oliviae

Range and population

Columba oliviae is a locally common species endemic to north-east Somalia1. It has been found from 45east to Cap Guardafui and south down the east coast as far as 71. It is a ground-feeding, rock-dwelling bird of arid, coastal regions, at altitudes of 75-750 m (though once seen at 1,425 m), within 24 km of the coast1. It is generally resident but shows seasonal movements locally3. It feeds mainly on the ground, on seeds, cultivated grains and berries3. Very little is known of its breeding ecology1,3. Apart from its small range, there is no indication that there are any threats to this species, and there is no reason to think that its status has changed in the last 60 years2. However, there has been no survey or conservation work carried out in recent years, and thus its status is uncertain.

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