Slaty Cuckoo-dove
Turacoena modesta


In line with the continuing rapid contraction of its habitat caused by deforestation, the small population of this species is inferred to be undergoing a rapid decline. This factor qualifies it as Vulnerable.


Range Map for Slaty Cuckoo-dove


Loss of monsoon-forest has been severe in its range, and this is presumably the primary threat. An estimated 50% decline in East Timor 's remaining montane forest-cover occurred during Indonesian rule (1975-1999). Monsoon-forests now cover an estimated 4% of West Timor , scattered in around seven unprotected patches that are continually declining in size due to excessive grazing and burning. Furthermore, pigeons are apparently hunted intensively on Timor , a factor that is likely to have contributed to this species's decline.


Several protected areas have been proposed in West Timor , and one on Wetar. The most important for the species are likely to be Gunung Mutis/Timau, Bipolo and Camplong, on West Timor , and Gunung Arnau on Wetar.


*Conduct surveys to clarify its current distribution, status, ecological requirements and threats. *Propose key sites for establishment as strict protected areas. *Support initiatives to establish a protected area encompassing Gunung Mutis and Gunung Timau, West Timor . *Initiate conservation-awareness programmes to reduce forest loss and hunting.

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