Silvery Wood-pigeon


There have been no confirmed records of this poorly-known pigeon for many years, suggesting that its population is tiny. As such it is listed as Critical, although any positively identified flocks might trigger an immediate downgrading to Endangered, or even Vulnerable.


Range Map for Silvery Wood-pigeon


Too little is known about the species to identify threats, although it may be speculated that settlement, deforestation, disturbance and hunting on small islands may have caused widespread declines, as might the introduction of mammalian predators.


No measures are known, although recent provisional observations were made in two protected areas, the Berbak Game Reserve and Padang-Sugihan Wildlife Reserve, both in South Sumatra .


*Conduct surveys on islands within its historical range (and mangroves and swamp-forest of South Sumatra province) to clarify its current distribution, population status, movements and attendant threats. *Formulate a conservation strategy involving protection of key islands, especially those supporting breeding populations.

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