Santa Cruz Ground-dove
Gallicolumba sanctaecrucis


This ground-dove remains extremely poorly known. Its classification has been upgraded to Endangered based on provisional estimates of its very small population, known from only two recent locations and inferred to be declining owing to various threats, including predation by introduced mammals.


Range Map for Santa Cruz Ground-dove


Introduced rats, cats, dogs and pigs are found throughout Utupua and Santo and may also occur on Tinakula. Cyclones and volcanic eruptions are a risk, particularly on Tinakula where any remaining population must be naturally small. Forest has been and is being extensively cleared and degraded on Utupua and Santo although, on Santo, much of the land is too steep for commercial logging and there are few hill villages and gardens above c.500 m. It may also be hunted, and may be outcompeted by the common Chalcophaps indica in degraded forest habitats1,3,4,5.


Two lowland forests have recently been protected on Santo but the species has not been found in either.


*Survey Tinakula. *Survey any predator-free islands within the species's range. *Survey Santo to ascertain its distribution, altitudinal range, habitat requirements and abundance. *Determine population levels of introduced mammals around current sites on Santo. *Assess hunting levels and population trends based on discussions with Santo hunters. *Advocate creation of more forest reserves on Santo. *Investigate hunting control measures through community discussion and awareness programmes.

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