Russet-crowned Quail-dove
Geotrygon goldmani

Range and population

Geotrygon goldmani consists of two recognised subspecies within a relatively restricted range. The nominate race occurs in montane forests of east Panama, San Blas and Dariprovinces, Panama, and extreme north-west Colombia. The race oreas is uncommon within a minute range on Cerro Chucantbut may occur more widely in Serrande Majeast Panama1,3,4. It is very poorly known, but locally common in undergrowth of humid forest at 750-1,600 m in east DariPanama, but to 90 m in Colombia1. Although much of its highland forests are relatively pristine, owing to their inaccessibility and formal protection, some partial deforestation has occurred within national parks on the western fringe of its range, while the proposed Pan-American Highway through Daricould also have detrimental effects2,4,5.

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