Ring-tailed Pigeon
Columba caribaea


This species is Vulnerable because anecdotal evidence and the variety of threats indicate that the range and population are now small, fragmented and declining.


Range Map for Ring-tailed Pigeon


Unabating pressure from illegal hunting, logging and clearance for plantation agriculture is responsible for this species's ongoing decline1.


It is legally protected, but this is not enforced. Habitat in the Blue and John Crow Mountains has been declared a national park, but there is little enforcement or management1. Funding is actively being sought for conservation in Cockpit Country1.


*Survey to assess numbers and precise distribution. *Designate a national park in the forests of Cockpit Country, and maintain corridors linking these forests and lowland areas1. *Enforce legal protection. *Ensure de facto protection of the national park in the Blue and John Crow Mountains1.

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