Purple-winged Ground-dove
Claravis godefrida


The combination of highly specialised ecological requirements, and the loss and fragmentation of suitable habitat severely threaten this species. The known population is very small, highly fragmented and declining in response to continuing habitat loss. It is classified as Endangered.


Range Map for Purple-winged Ground-dove


The clearance and fragmentation of Atlantic forest for colonisation and the expansion of plantation agriculture2 have increased the physical and temporal distances between bamboo flowerings. Given its apparently highly specialised requirements, it is not inconceivable that this fragmentation is already too extensive to ensure the long-term survival of the species. It is uncommon in trade, but the taking of additional birds from the wild must have a considerable impact on such a small population.


It is protected by Brazilian law, and has been recorded in several protected areas in the Serra do Mar, Brazil , and Iguaz˙National Park , Argentina . However, numbers observed are small and no population is known to be adequately protected.


*Survey to locate additional populations, using tape-playback. *Monitor known populations. *Study the species's dependence on bamboo flowerings. *Record and document its vocalisations. *Develop a CMS agreement for this and other bamboo specialists.

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