Plain Pigeon
Columba inornata


This species is close to qualifying as Endangered, but (at least) the subpopulation on Puerto Rico is too numerous. The total population is still small, fragmented and declining, and it is consequently Vulnerable.


Range Map for Plain Pigeon


Hunting, logging and clearance for plantation agriculture, combined with the devastating effects of hurricanes, have reduced populations1. Few birds are shot in Jamaica and this does not appear to explain the species's current scarcity on the island2.


A recovery programme is underway in Puerto Rico7. Funding is being sought for conservation in Cockpit Country, Jamaica2. It is legally protected in Cuba (but this is not enforced), and has been recorded from several protected areas, including the Guanahacabibes Biosphere Reserve, where it has been the subject of an education programme.


*Survey to assess numbers and distribution, especially in Cuba and Jamaica2,6. *Assess the impact of illegal hunting2. *Conserve the Cockpit Country, and southern dry limestone forests and woodlands, in Jamaica2. *Design and implement education programmes in Cuba to reduce hunting pressures6.

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