Peruvian Pigeon
Columba oenops


This species has been recorded at few locations within a small range. Habitat loss and degradation are presumably causing declines in both range and population. The species therefore qualifies as Vulnerable.


Range Map for Peruvian Pigeon


It probably suffers some hunting pressure. The gradual degradation and loss of its already naturally restricted habitat are presumably causing a population decline. Its relative abundance within inaccessible areas, and scarcity in heavily populated regions suggests that these threats have already resulted in significant decreases.


There are no protected areas within this species's range.


*Conduct surveys to establish the precise limits of its range, its population levels and trends, and conservation requirements1. *Research its ecology. *Designate protected areas within the upper Maravalley, e.g. in the Cordillera de Col4,7.  

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