Ochre-bellied Dove
Leptotila ochraceiventris


This species has a small and severely fragmented range and population, both of which are suffering from rapid rates of deforestation. It therefore qualifies as Vulnerable.


Range Map for Ochre-bellied Dove


Below 900 m, the rate of deforestation in west Ecuador , in 1958-1988, was 57% per decade, although in higher parts of the species's range, with a steeper terrain and harsher climate, the process has been slower and a greater proportion of forest is extant2. Habitat loss is continuing, and will soon remove almost all remaining forest2. All pigeon species are hunted, but L. ochraceiventris is not specifically targeted4.


It occurs in several protected areas, including Tumbes Reserved Zone, which protects a large area and range of forest-types and presumably supports a viable population2, Machalilla National Park (Guayas/ManabManglares-Churute Ecological Reserve and Cerro Blanco Protection Forest (Guayas)5,7. The 776 km2 partially forested ChongProtection Forest is the nucleus of a reforestation project3 and may support the species.


*Assess seasonal reliance on particular forest-types. *Control threats to habitat within protected areas. *Expand protected areas to include adjacent forest remnants and connect such fragments. *Map forest in the Cordillera Chongto identify sites for protection3.

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