New Britain Bronzewing
Henicophaps foersteri


This species is judged to be Vulnerable on the basis of a small estimated population which is inferred to be declining through habitat loss. However, it is an extremely poorly-known species for which there are very few data, and the classification may require revising.


Range Map for New Britain Bronzewing


As a lowland species which is apparently restricted to mature forest, it is threatened by logging. Nearly all accessible lowland forest has been logged or is under logging concession, and large areas are clear-felled for oil-palm plantations. As a terrestrial species, it may suffer predation from introduced cats and dogs.


A population occurs in the Poikili Wildlife Protection Area.


*Survey to assess population size. *Determine best survey techniques. *Identify call through investigation of all unknown pigeon calls. *Survey status in logged forest. *Ascertain altitudinal range. *Investigate impact of hunting through discussion with local hunters. *Interview hunters about population trends. *Map remaining forest and logging concessions across New Britain. *Lobby for a moratorium on forest clearance for oil-palm plantations. *Encourage creation of community-run sustainable logging rather than commercial logging. *Discuss enforcement of regulations in Poikili Wildlife Management Area with local landowners.

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