Marquesan Imperial Pigeon
Ducula galeata

This species has a very small population, on one tiny island, and owes its survival to the existence of several areas which are difficult to access by hunters and introduced grazers, and to colonization by rats. However, it may be declining slowly overall as a result of these threats and is therefore assigned Critical status.


Range Map for Marquesan Imperial-pigeon

Illegal hunting is the main concern1. Habitat has been modified and degraded by introduced vegetation and grazing by feral stock1,4. However, cattle have been eradicated, and goats and pigs are decreasing1. New roads and tunnels could result in habitat loss, facilitated access and considerable disturbance, although there is currently little traffic1. Introduced rats (particularly black rat Rattus rattus) are increasing and may constitute a threat4.

The bird is revered in local culture and hunting is forbidden (although it continues)1. Following recommendations of translocations5, five birds have been released on Ua Huka where there are no R. rattus.

*Research predation by cats and rats and, depending on the results, set up some control measures1. *Promote public awareness through publicity materials and schools, especially in relation to legal protection1. *Ensure that game is not reintroduced into the wild (which would increase hunting generally)1. *Ensure that road development takes account of the species's requirements1. *Prevent further accidental introductions of exotic species1. *Establish the absence of avian diseases1. *Consider captive breeding1

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