Japanese Wood Pigeon
Columba janthina

Range and population
Columba janthina is an uncommon and local resident in Japan , on small islands off southern Honshu , Shikoku and Kyushu , south through the Nansei Shoto islands to the Yaeyama Islands and south through the Izu Islands to the Ogasawara and Iwo Islands . It occurs locally on small islands off the south coast of South Korea , and it has been recorded (presumably as a vagrant) in eastern Russia , Shandong , mainland China and on Taiwan . It inhabits dense subtropical forest and warm temperate evergreen broadleaf forests, and is heavily dependent on mature forest. Although it is still relatively common on the Izu Islands , it has apparently declined there since the 1950s, it was though to have declined on Okinawa during the 1980s because of forestry activities, and the subspecies C. j. nitens (which used to occur on the Ogasawara and Iwo Islands) is almost certainly extinct

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