Henderson Fruit Dove
Ptilinopus insularis

This species qualifies as Vulnerable as it is only found on one small island where it remains at risk from the accidental introduction of exotic species.


Range Map for Henderson Fruit-dove

The species has apparently adapted to the presence of Pacific rat Rattus exulans. However, the accidental introduction of a more aggressive predator, such as another Rattus species, could be devastating, and introduced diseases, such as avian malaria and pox, are another potential threat. The introduction of exotic plant species could have serious consequences for the native vegetation4 and therefore for this species too.

In 1988, Henderson was designated a World Heritage Site. Rat eradication has been investigated and is feasible but difficult because of the island's isolation1.

*Periodically resurvey to monitor numbers and trends. *Ensure that further alien species are not accidentally introduced to Henderson . *Consider the eradication of rats from Henderson1. *Re-attempt the eradication of rats from nearby Pitcairn Island , and consider translocating the species there when it becomes rat-free1.

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