Grey-headed Quail Dove
Geotrygon caniceps

The combination of habitat loss and hunting is resulting in a rapid population reduction. The population is now small and the species has been upgraded to Vulnerable.


Range Map for Grey-headed Quail-dove

Habitat destruction has reduced this species to near-extinction on the Cordillera Central and Sierra de Neiba1. The expansion of cacao, coffee and tobacco production seriously threatens suitable habitat in Cuba , and dry-season burning, drainage, agricultural expansion and introduced predators are severe problems in the Zapata Swamp2,10. It is heavily hunted for food in Cuba , using drop-traps baited with orange seeds10

Hunting of the species in the Dominican Republic was prohibited in 1978. Montane forest is poorly represented in the Dominican Republic 's protected-areas system, but the wildlife service has recently proposed 15 new areas, including six in montane forest8,9. It occurs within a numbers of reserves in Cuba (including the Corral de Santo TomFaunal Refuge in the Zapata Swamp area, La Gira National Park and the Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve), but few are afforded strict protection6,9.

*Survey to clarify the species's current status and determine the protected areas within which it occurs. *Formally designate the proposed reserves in the Dominican Republic . *Devise and implement management plans for protected areas.

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