Flores Green Pigeon
Treron floris

This frugivore is inferred to have a small population which is undergoing rapid diminution owing to continuing habitat loss. As such it qualifies for upgrading from Near-Threatened to Vulnerable despite its apparent tolerance of degraded habitats.


Range Map for Flores Green-pigeon

Although it appears fairly tolerant of forest degradation, and of drier formations, it is basically forest-dependent and habitat loss is the main threat it faces. Forest clearance, as a result of shifting agriculture, and the practice of burning in the dry season, have had a major impact on natural vegetation across its range, while parts of south-west Sumbawa are threatened by a new gold and copper mine. Forest remnants are now largely confined to steep valleys and the highest peaks. Hunting is a further threat, while small numbers have been recorded in trade.

It has been recorded recently in the Wolo Tadho Strict Nature Reserve and in Keli Mutu National Park , which is protected for its spectacular crater lakes.

*Conduct surveys to clarify its distribution, status and ecological requirements, such that an effective management strategy may be compiled. *Promote the establishment of appropriately sited protected areas, including at Ria on Flores , and Selalu Legini and Gunung Olet Sangenges on Sumbawa . *Initiate conservation awareness campaigns on Sumbawa and Flores to elicit local support for forest protection and reduced hunting, as part of a broader strategy for conserving endemic fauna and flora on the islands.

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