Comoro Olive Pigeon
Columba pollenii

Range and population
Columba pollenii is endemic to the Comoro archipelago where it is found on all three islands of the Comoro Islands and on Mayotte (to France)1. On Grand Comoro, it is moderately common on Mt Karthala and La Grille above 500 m, increasing in abundance up to the tree-line at 1,750 m1. On Moheli, it is limited to the forested ridge1. On Anjouan, it is uncommon and restricted to the few remaining areas of primary forest2. On Mayotte , it remains in a number of widespread remnant pockets of suitable, wet, high altitude forest and occurs in this habitat at a higher density than on the other islands5. It is largely restricted to primary forest, a habitat which is diminishing as a result of charcoal production and shifting cultivation1. Hunting is a threat on all four islands3,4,5. Numbers on each island are low, and the total population may be under 10,000 individuals. It has been suggested that migration between islands must take place for there to be a continuing viable population1.

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