Cinnamon-headed Green Pigeon
Treron fulvicollis

Range and population
Treron fulvicollis is confined to the Sundaic lowlands, where it is known from south Tenasserim, Myanmar, peninsular Thailand (no recent records), Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore (non-breeding visitor), Brunei (very uncommon) and Kalimantan and Sumatra (including the Riau and Lingga archipelagos, Bangka, Belitung, Siberut and Nias islands), Indonesia. It occurs in freshwater swamp forest, peatswamp forest, mangroves, coastal forest, open scrub and second growth, including wooded gardens, to 1,200 m. Non-breeders occasionally visit higher elevation dry land forests. It is threatened throughout its range by the clearance, fragmentation and degradation of lowland forest. Forest destruction in the Sundaic lowlands of Indonesia has been so extensive that all primary formations are expected to disappear by 2010, and the situation is little different in Malaysia . Although the species has almost certainly declined in the past decade owing to habitat loss, it also occurs in relatively less threatened forests on slopes and appears to be able to survive in secondary forest.

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