Carunculated Fruit Dove
Ptilinopus granulifrons

This forest frugivore qualifies as Vulnerable because its small population is inferred to be undergoing a continuing decline owing to habitat loss and degradation.


Range Map for Carunculated Fruit-dove

Obi is a small island, and any deforestation would be problematic for this species, particularly given its predeliction for lowland forest habitats. Much of the lower-lying forest has already been logged, much of the remainder is under logging concession, and illegal gold mining is reported to be destroying some areas of forest. Furthermore, areas proposed for protection only include land at 500 m and above.

None is known. There is a proposed protected area, Pulau Obi, on the island, although it remains to be determined whether this is the most appropriate area for the conservation of threatened and endemic avifauna. There is also a move to protect Danau Saku, a freshwater lake which is quite likely to host numbers of this pigeon in its fringing forests.

*Conduct further surveys to clarify its current distribution, status and ecological requirements (particularly tolerance of habitat degradation). *Investigate levels of hunting on Obi. *Identify the most appropriate area for designation as a protected area, catering for this species and other endemic fauna.

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