Brown-backed Dove
Leptotila battyi

Habitat is declining in extent, area and quality in parts of this species's very small and fragmented range. It is close to being listed as Endangered, but is known from more than five locations and consequently only qualifies as Vulnerable.


Range Map for Brown-backed Dove

Habitat destruction and fragmentation, and hunting for food threaten this species4,5,6. Away from Coiba, most lowland areas in its range have already been deforested4.

Coiba is a national park protecting nearly 30% of this species's range. On the mainland, it occurs within Cerro Hoya National Park and El Montuso Forest Reserve3.

*Survey to assess numbers within protected areas and identify additional sites requiring protection. *Study the species's ecological requirements5. *Assess the extent of habitat loss within protected areas and the region as a whole.

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