Blue-headed Quail Dove
Starnoenas cyanocephala

This species is extremely rare and is inferred to have a very small, severely fragmented population. The occupied range and population are continuing to decline in response to hunting and habitat loss. This combination qualifies the species as Endangered.


Range Map for Blue-headed Quail-dove

The combined and chronic effects of excessive hunting and habitat destruction have produced large-scale declines. It has always been regarded as excellent eating, and is still trapped illegally using drop-traps baited with orange seeds2. Hurricanes may significantly affect the species by felling large areas of forest, such as in Zapata Swamp in 19962.

It is protected under national law and in the Zapata Swamp, but neither is enforced and hunting continues2. The only known highland population is protected within La Gira National Park2.

*Survey sites, outside Zapata and La Gira, where the species may persist2. *Immediately protect any populations discovered during these surveys. *Conduct public awareness and education campaigns to highlight the plight of the species and reduce hunting pressure2

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