Blue-eyed Ground Dove
Columbina cyanopis

This species is very rare, with recent records from only three severely fragmented localities suggesting that the total population is extremely small. A continuing decline is inevitable given the massive habitat loss in the region. These factors qualify the species as Critical.


Range Map for Blue-eyed Ground-dove

The reasons for this species's historical rarity are unknown because, until recently, large areas of potentially suitable habitat remained. It is now severely threatened by the massive destruction of the Brazilian Cerrado. The combined effects of grazing, invasive grasses, annual burning and conversion to agriculture for Eucalyptus plantations, soybeans and pastures for exportable crops, encouraged by government land reform4,6, had heavily or moderately altered two thirds of the Cerrado region by 19933. Most of this destruction has occurred since 19502.

It is protected under Brazilian law, and occurs in Serra das Araras Ecological Station.

*Survey the Serra das Araras to determine the size of the population and propose measures for its protection. *Survey near Cuiab&and at
Campo Grande to determine its status and protect these areas if appropriate. *Survey any area with apparently suitable habitat, especially Emas National Park and IquEcological Station. *Study its ecology to assess reasons for its historical rarity.

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