Andaman Cuckoo Dove
Macropygia rufipennis

Range and population
Macropygia rufipennis is endemic to the Andaman and Nicobar (Nancowry subgroup and Great Nicobar) archipelagos, India , where it is locally frequent on the former and scarce on the latter. It frequents dense broadleaved primary and secondary evergreen forest, tolerating some degree of habitat degradation. While forest remains fairly extensive on the Andamans and Nicobars, the human population on larger islands is rising rapidly and habitat is consequently under pressure from agriculture, grazing and logging. Hunting is also apparently common on the islands, possibly affecting this species, and planned development projects on the Nicobars could seriously affect its habitat. There are few recent data regarding its status and ecology, and these issues require clarification so that its conservation needs may be assessed.  

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